Nuxe Spa

The very essence

Of happiness…


he relaxing Loudenvielle Nuxe Spa offers an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and an exceptional moment of well-being. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing experience in this beautiful location, where time stands still.

The Nuxe brand, experts in natural cosmetology, is renowned for the quality of its treatments and massages. Our practitioners use exclusive techniques that are combined with the unique and well-known Nuxe fragrance.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday: 9:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2 p.m.-8 p.m.


A range of services for your comfort and relaxation

What will you choose? A Nuxe massage, an outside excursion or an organic face and body treatment?


Offer a Nuxe massage as a gift.

The Nuxe Spa gift card show someone how much you care, offer them a moment of relaxation with a Nuxe Spa gift card.

Please contact us on 05 36 30 30 30 to select the amount of your gift card and send it to your chosen recipient. 


Book online or by phone

You can easily book your Nuxe treatment yourself or contact us on 05 36 30 30 30

Enjoy a four-star experience* in the ♡ of the Pyrenees
Between the lake and the mountain

3, chemin du Rioutor, 65510 Loudenvielle
05 36 30 30 30